Planning Ahead Makes Eating Well Easier

In the past when preparing a meal that included rice I used to simply measure and prepare. For beans- open can, rinse and prepare. Now, thanks to the advice of my sister in-law, an holistic nutrition counselor, I soak the rice prior to preparation to neutralize the enzymes that block nutrient absorption. I measure out the rice in the morning, soak in water while at work, then drain, rinse and prepare when I get home. Since eliminating canned food due to the BPA in the liners of the cans, using beans has become a multi step process; soak dry beans in water overnight, drain and bring to a boil and simmer in the morning (while preparing for the day), drain, rinse and refrigerate.

I have added about 15 minutes to my morning routine time in order to prepare the most nutritious meals and feed my family well. I try to think a day ahead for meal planning so that I know when I wake up that I need to soak the chick peas (I did this last night so that I can make hummus today). I usually do my planning while cleaning up after dinner and packing lunches (left overs!). There will inevitably be a jar of raw rice or dry beans sitting on the counter with a pot as a visual reminder.

Planning ahead and taking some extra time will reward you with more nutritious food.


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