Bok Choy with Ginger and Garlic; Broiled Salmon; Brown Rice


I purchased bok choy (AKA Chinese cabbage) at the farmers market from Karl of Dinebergs Farm. I am totally fine with the imperfections, it means that it was grown the way I would grow it- organically. I would rather rinse some clean soil and insects off of my food than worry about the chemical additives that may be in/on them.

Start the meal prep with the rice, this will give it the time to cook while you prepare the rest of the meal and each component should be done at the same time. Prepare the brown rice by placing the following ingredients into a pot, bringing to a boil then reducing heat to simmer. Brown rice usually take 20 minutes but check to be sure all of the moisture has been absorbed after about 15. When the rice is done simply leave it with the lid on until the rest of the meal is ready.

1 1/2 cups brown rice; soaked for at least 1 hour but up to 12, rinsed and drained
2 1/4 cup water
1/8 teaspoon salt

Prepare the vegetables and set aside in a bowl.

2 small heads bok chou; rinsed, trimmed and cut into strips
2 carrots; scrubbed and cut into matchsticks
1 onion; cut into strips

DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0006

DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009

Prepare the sauce by combining the following ingredients in a bowl.


4 cloves garlic; crushed
1 1/2 inch piece fresh ginger root; pealed and minced
2 Tablespoons soy sauce
1 Tablespoon canola oil

If you are new to using fresh ginger root don’t be intimidated. Remove skin with a potato peeler, slice into slabs, cut into match sticks and then mince by cutting in the opposite direction.

DSC_0012 DSC_0013 DSC_0014

Preheat a large wok or skillet that has a lid on medium high. Add the prepared vegetables. Immediately pour the sauce on top. It won’t look like a lot of sauce for the amount of vegetables but once the bok chou wilts down and releases water it will add to the sauce. Put the lid on and allow the vegetables to cook in their own juices.

At this time, place the salmon on a lightly oiled broiling pan and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Turn Broiler on high and place salmon under flame for 10 minutes.

2 lbs wild (Alaskan) salmon
sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste

While the salmon is cooking stir or turn the vegetables (I use stainless steel chef tongs, they are really convenient). One the vegetables are wilted remove from heat. The rice and fish should be done around the same time too. Enjoy your meal!


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