Salmon Salad (as a sandwich or on a plate)


I was too tired to think about cooking after taking advantage of a wonderful day in the garden to get caught up on weeding and harvesting. Thank goodness there were left overs to be dressed up to make a satisfying and nutritious meal.

Half of the rolls I baked earlier in the week went into the freezer so I popped one into the microwave to defrost, cut in half and placed it on a plate.

I put a generous handful of the leftover greens from yesterday’s meal on the roll.

I took the leftover broiled salmon, crumbled it into small pieces and added just a little mayonnaise for consistency and plopped it onto the greens.

Oooh- half a tomato sliced and placed on top of the salmon salad.

I did run into the garden to quickly pick some fresh dill to place on the tomato and the whole sandwich was topped with a generous tablespoon of the mojo sauce from earlier this week.

Cheese too.

Xav loves mustard so he spread some on the top of the roll and bit in… “mmmh” Imagine barely cooking and getting that reaction!



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