Wood Pile Adventures


While clearing away some old wood stacked by the fire pits I disturbed a common gartersnake (I always thought they were “gardensnakes or guardersnakes”, you know to guard the garden- anyway) poor little thing. I did see it slither into one of the smoke kilns so now when I rebuild it I know to be aware and careful not to harm it. Then it was time to tackle the task of preparing firewood for the coming season (I know, shame on me for even thinking of winter but better to be prepared). The initial step entails uncovering the left over wood from last year and making sure it is stacked neatly. There is also a lot of wood that is too long for the wood stove that needs to be sorted out, cut and stacked back.

As I took the tarp off of the woodpile I was startled to the state of screams that brought my neighbor over. She came to see if someone was injured of if I had simply found something undesirable in the wood pile.
DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0010 DSC_0011
Undesirable, definitely undesirable. I know, I love nature and am all sorts of in touch with nature, but seriously- possums are like 18 inch rats with an equally long tail. And they hiss. Did I mention they are simply overgrown rats?! EEAAAH… This possum has been relocated to the nature park down the street. I think I may have nightmares.

DSC_0014The tarp could now safely be taken off the wood pile so the real work of sorting out and cutting the long pieces to fit the length of the wood stove and re-stacking it for the winter could begin.

This empty nest was an active building site when I dragged it off of the wood pile for my third interaction with wildlife this morning. They were either hornets or yellow jackets but honestly I brushed them off my arm and ran, not sticking around to document what they were with the camera. Four stings later and the tarp removed we put a small dent into a large pile of work.

Let us hope that tomorrow will be less eventful.


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