Sun Dried Tomatoes

DSC_0002 Many years ago my father left a food dehydrator at our house after preserving apples by making “apple chips”. Now that we are producing a lot of tomatoes I did some research and read that a dehydrator can be used to make sun dried tomatoes (you can also use an oven on low heat). We love sun dried tomatoes. I will be preserving basil from the garden by freezing it in extra virgin olive oil (stay tuned) and then the two can be combined to make delicious dishes out of season. I sliced 20 plum tomatoes to 1/4 inch thick rounds, placed them on the dehydrator rack and sprinkled with sea salt. In 22 hours it produced 2 cups of sun dried tomatoes. (The timing depends on the tomato and equipment). Next harvest I will try cutting them lengthwise.

DSC_0002 DSC_0003
DSC_0004Wash tomatoes, slice, place on the food dehydrator rack (if using an oven place on cookie racks placed on baking sheets) and sprinkle with salt. Stack dehydrator trays, put lid on and plug in (if using an oven place in oven on very low heat 150-200 depending on your oven). Check the moisture content of the tomatoes as the time will vary depending on the tomatoes, dehydrator/oven, etc. Finished tomatoes should have the consistency of raisins (not the ones that are totally dried out but the ones in a fresh pack. (I found that I needed to rotate the trays in the dehydrator so if you stacked several trays check each level.) Remove from dehydrator/oven, allow to cool completely and store in an air tight container (I use glass jars but plastic resealable baggies work too).
DSC_0001 DSC_0003


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