Wild Turkey Sighting

Yesterday while dining outside on the patio I noticed dirt flying up into the air in the back corner of the property. I wondered what could be digging so furiously. Upon inspection I noticed a wild turkey hen was taking a dirt bath. Dashing inside for my camera I was hoping that I could get close enough to capture her. Earlier in the spring she walked through with her chicks but was much to cautious to let me anywhere near them. She came alone so the little ones must already be on their own.
Here she is walking past “DadCat”. This old guy adopted our garden as his hunting territory years ago. As male cats do he also was a heavy sprayer in strategic places. Xav used to chase him off the property but he would return daily. Over the years his eyesight and hearing have deteriorated (obviously since he is totally oblivious to the large turkey hen waking by) and he walks with what I call a limp but others a swagger. The kids and I refer to him as “DadCat” because after Xav’s knee surgery he and the cat had the same limp/swagger. Xav’s hearing is going after years in the construction industry and he has been caught squinting 6 inches from the computer screen. I’m not sure if the chasing has ceased because DadCat stopped spraying or neither of them can run.


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