Freezing Pawpaw Pulp

DSC_0015Heavy rain and winds brought down way more ripe pawpaw fruit than we could eat even after sharing with friends. To preserve the bounty I removed the seeds, scraped the pulp out of the skins, and scooped the delicious tropical treat into freezer bags to use for baking, smoothies or drinks after the short season.
DSC_0030 DSC_0031


4 thoughts on “Freezing Pawpaw Pulp

  1. Tania

    We press the pulp into 16 oz plastic containers (re-use cottage cheese containers) which stack nicely in the freezer. We can then use an ice cream scoop to serve this “paw paw sorbet” as a dessert (slight thawing is required as it freezes pretty hard). We found that it has a stronger pineapple flavor when in the frozen state. As it thaws more, it returns to its creamy smooth texture and fruity-like taste and smell. Amazingly it does not oxidize much. Sometimes the top surface turns a little bit brown, but it’s just barely on the surface and everything underneath is still yellow and flavorful.

    1. lenapietri Post author

      Thanks Tania! Last year’s gallon bags got a bit cumbersome so this year I have been freezing sandwich size bags in small batches. The containers and sorbet scooping is a great idea.

    1. lenapietri Post author

      No, I freeze only the pawpaw pulp. In small batches it doesn’t discolor because it is bagged and sealed. We have found that the taste remains true to the fresh fruit as well. Do you have experience freezing pawpaw you would like to share?


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