Planting Garlic in the Fall

DSC_0017The last task of the vegetable gardening season is planting garlic. Once the killing frost (mwahaha) has taken the remaining plants they are pulled up and piled into the compost, the earth is turned, compost soil and manure are mixed in and the rows for garlic are furrowed.
DSC_0015 DSC_0016This year I ordered 2 lbs of organic Music Garlic from Peaceful Valley which translates to 16 heads/88 cloves.  After separating the cloves (careful not to break the skins around the individual cloves) the task of placing them root side down and covering with soil is easy.
DSC_0018My rows are a foot apart but you can go as close as 8 inches, planting depth is 3-4 inches in CT and the cloves are spaced 5-6 inches apart. I  supplemented with 14 cloves from garlic purchased at the grocery store to finish off the third furrow. I know, poor planning, but this is the first year that I actually ordered garlic before it was sold out. Waiting until October in past years I was forced to use grocery store garlic if I was going to plant my own- which, by the way, works. Once all of the cloves have been placed in the furrows (assembly line for efficiency) cover with soil, compress and wait.
DSC_0019The only evidence of the garlic are the footprints from my clogs that compressed the soil. Xav always makes fun of my clogs but honestly, they are super versatile. He even used one of my clogs as a hammer recently.


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