Garden Pest or Beneficial Insect?

DSC_0094Last weekend during a walk about all was seemingly healthy in the garden. Tiny fruits growing, leaves fresh and green, new buds and flowers in bloom. So what happened in the span of a week?! I noticed that one of the beach plum bushes was looking a bit wilted. As I approached I saw in all of my horror an infestation. After going to the books and internet I believe I have figured out that nature will take care of this so I am glad that I didn’t go into a full panic and spray soapy insect spray all over the plant (that would have rid me of pests but the beneficial insects as well.
DSC_0091 DSC_0096
This “crazy” looking larvae that looks like an “alien sucking the life out of your plant” creature is actually the larvae of the ladybug aka ladybird. Not sure if it is the regular or Japanese variety but in either case this (now that it has been identified as friend) lovely insect is here in masses to destroy the black aphids, the true pests in this scenario. (see the black mass on the stem at the base of the leaves below)
Thankfully the ladybugs are busy making more to take care of the true cause of the sad and droopy leaves.


2 thoughts on “Garden Pest or Beneficial Insect?

  1. Laszlo R. Treiber

    You may have to check for ants as they protect aphids, they attack and chase away ladybugs. Ants are doing dairy farming with aphids being their cows.

    1. lenapietri

      Thanks for that! I did see one ant and will have to keep a close eye on the infestation to monitor who is actually winning the battle over my peach plum bush.


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