Harvesting Lavender

DSC_0007This lavender bush has “gone too far” to harvest. The best time to harvest lavender blossoms is just before the tiny petals open. I have never picked lavender for any purpose other than scenting a room or drying a few small bouquets but this spring Xav and I had lemon lavender tea at a holistic heath fair and thought it was delicious and decided we would give it a try with our own “crop”. My father sends lemons from California so it will be a truly homegrown experience. I picked the lavender from the bushes that were not as far along, made bundles held together by bag ties (saved from the grocery store and farmers’ market) and hung them upside-down on the clothes line on the porch. I was in a bit of a hurry, realizing that it was harvest time and that unsettled weather bringing rain would not help. The lavender should be dry when picked so that the flowers will dry without molding. The porch gets hot and dry though it does have light that comes in through windows (I have read not to dry in the sun) its the best place we have for this project.
DSC_0001 DSC_0002


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