Lavender for Tea and Cooking

DSC_0002  The lavender I harvested  is dry after hanging upside down and getting plenty of air (see my earlier post). I started the tedious task of removing the dried flowers  from the stem. It did go faster after figuring out the most efficient system, it is kind of meditative especially with the scent of lavender taking over the house, mmm- I worked over a kitchen towel to catch the flowers, gently rubbing the flowers off the stem, then poured them into a glass jar with a tightly fitting lid. The jar will be stored in a cabinet so the amount of light will be minimal. I hung the bundles in the porch, it is the best place for them to dry even though they were exposed to indirect light. I chose loss of color and maybe potency if exposed to light over the potential for mold if they don’t dry out thoroughly. DSC_0003
We have had lavender plants for over 10 years so there is plenty of lavender on the property (it spreads by root and stems that root; I need to divide and move or give away each spring). It is beautiful in the garden but after tasting lemon lavender tea at a holistic health fair  I want to explore its culinary possibilities.


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