Drying Lemon Rind

Too often I press a lemon and compost the skin when what I should do is dry and save the rind to be used for cooking and making teas. This is especially true when the lemons are sent from my father’s grove so I know they are all natural. I found the following technique to be efficient and easy.
DSC_0002Using a potato peeler I peel the rind off of the pith (the white spongy part of the skin under the yellow), place on a paper towel, cover with a paper towel and allow to dry. Without the citrus inside the lemon it is flimsy and tough to peel so place a couple fingers on the interior to support the skin when peeling. It is a bit messy but this way juice and rind can be used.
DSC_0003Here you can see there are 3 days worth of rind each at different stages of drying. Once dry the rind is stored in a jar away from light in a spice or tea cabinet.


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