Homemade Recaito

DSC_0004I harvested the Puerto Rican peppers (aka aji dulce) in bulk at the end of the CT growing season and made a large batch of recaito. Recaito is the base for many savory Puerto Rican dishes so having 1/2 cup batches frozen and ready to sauté in olive oil makes for a nice shortcut.

3 quarts Puerto Rican peppers; stems removed
2 onions; minced
2 bunches cilantro (about 4 cups); stems removed below the leaves and coarsely chopped
12 cloves garlic; crushed or finely minced in a food processor

Combine the above ingredients and mixing well. I froze mine in 1/2 cup batches in snack sized ziplock baggies placed into a labeled gallon freezer bag.


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