Day 9 After Planting Vegetable Seeds Indoors

DSC_0003The tomatoes and basil are popping up and reaching for the windows, their only source of light. In an effort to encourage them grow straight the trays need to be rotated daily. Each day when I check for new sprouts and the moisture of the soil I also rotate the trays 180 degrees. At this point (9 days after planting the seeds) most of the tomatoes are up and going, as are the basil, there is one eggplant that is just barely pushing at the earth and no sign of life in the pepper pots. The fact that the eggplant have begun is a good sign, they take longer to germinate than the tomatoes but not as long as the peppers. I anticipate the peppers to begin sprouting this weekend (2 weeks after planting). Until then- monitor daily, spray with water as needed and rotate the trays with sprouts.


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