“Karinshu” Quince Infused Cordial

This recipe is from “Preserving the Japanese Way” by Nancy Singleton Hachisu.

2 lb (6) quince
1 lb (3 cups) sugar
2 qt (8 cups) vodka

Wash, quarter and core the quince. Remove any blemished areas and worm holes. Place the prepared quince in a jar with the sugar and vodka. (I divided everything in half because I didn’t have a large enough jar on hand) Seal tightly and shake.

Store in a dark place and shake occasionally for 3 or more months while the liqueur infuses. The flavor of the cordial will deepen and mellow with age. The cordial will keep indefinitely. Serve cold or over ice as an aperitif.

Stay tuned for the final results in 3 months!

Freshly picked quince


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