In the Garden

DSC_0318  DSC_0319 For years I chased the milkweed and then decided to let it be. It attracts all manner of healthy insects and smells sweetly divine. It mixes with wild flowers and Meidiland roses, creating a screen by the street border. Mountain pinks bloom first, then the lupines display their burst of color quickly followed by sage. A black eyed Susan found her place this year and we welcome her. The Meidiland roses bloom from spring till frost providing constant color and light scent.

DSC_0316   DSC_0301 My husband, Xav, put in endless hours hiking in the woods that back up to the garden. With 5 gallon pails in hand he walked and returned with rocks. He kept dragging them back down the hill. We watched him, and I worried. The kids and I asked him what he was building when the path became steps. He responded, “machu picchu” as he gazed up the hill to the woods, to which we panicked; the kids because  “there won’t be any grass left to play” and me because it would never end. Eventually it ended. Almost abruptly. And a lovely “rockscape” is now the focal point of the patio area. Ferns and low growers were loving transported and transplanted creating variety in color and texture in this magical natural space.

DSC_0302   DSC_0303 The garden is a vital part of my family and home. It provides solace, a place to meditate, food, areas for play, fresh air and hard work and space to entertain. In spring and early summer it is hard to keep up with all of the demands but once school is out I catch up and split my time between garden, kitchen and studio (all of my creative places).


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