In the Home

Cleaning without chemicals is better for people, pets and the environment. The essentials, baking soda, borax and distilled vinegar. Another bonus is that they are also inexpensive. Don’t get me wrong, a couple of times a year I need to bring out the bleach when life keeps me away from cleaning the tub weekly. I guess I am not a purist, but we have greatly reduced (nearly eliminated) the chemicals in our home.


3 thoughts on “In the Home

  1. Nancy Finlayson

    You are the bomb Leeny! Great Blog..We will definitely try some recipes of yours…Did you take the pictures??? Excellent…Also looked at Staci’s pictures…She looks so beautiful and happy…Hats off to Torie…She is a gem…Will look at Almy now!

  2. shipleye

    Love the tempeh recipe. Our website shows our easy method for making tempeh at home.
    betsy shipley


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